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Core Exponential Technologies Sub Technologies
Internet of things Managed cloud services Analytics solution Predictive maintenance
Blockchain IoT Custom Development & Testing
Artificial Intelligence System on chips to enhance AI AI for industrial automation AI based data analytics solutions AI enabled marketing tools AI based Marketing > Others Energy > Others Libraries and frameworks to build AI Customized AI development Image processing using AI Language understanding using AI Speech recognition using AI Speech to text and text to speech using AI Text analytics using AI Sentiment analysis using AI Translation of language using AI Conversational AI platform
Type Location Country Location City Location Address
Headquarter United States Armonk International Business Machines Corp
Company Name Funding Type Date Amount (In Million USD)
Cambridge Quantum Computing Corporate Round 14 Feb 2020 NA
Digital Asset Series C 11 Dec 2019 35
Accrue Non Equity Assistance 20 Jul 2017 NA
Congnitivescale Series B 04 Oct 2016 25
TurboLinux Series C 11 Oct 2000 30
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